The Gorges of Tiberius

The Tiberio Gorges are located 16 kilometers from Camping Lo Scoglio. An impressive and unique path to admire the beauty of the lush nature.


Tusa is 9 km from Camping Lo Scoglio and is an agricultural center founded by a group of Alesini after the defeat of the Carthaginians, collaborating with the Romans. The town of Tusa is located on the western Nebrodi, on the eastern side of the lace Taverna. In its territory, on a hill north-east of the current, it's […]


Cefalu is 20 km from Camping Lo Scoglio and is an international tourist center, famous all over the world. The site on which it stands Cefalu was already inhabited in pre-Hellenic age, as documented by the many discoveries. The population maintained close contact with the Greeks of eastern Sicily and with the Phoenicians of Western Sicily. In […]

Alesa Arconidèa

A 5 km from Camping Lo Scoglio, Halesa is one of considerable archaeological interest.